The Better Us

You always bring out the best in me. From this day on, together we learn to be a better us, a loving family.





"There is no place I'd rather be without you. Wherever we may go, I will always know where the heart is. Let's take flight on our new adventure!"

The Warmest Touch

You are my sun that I touch and hug.
Kiss, without being burnt.


The Angelic Prelude

Angels are watching
and their wings wrapping around us gently, 
quietly singing we are loved, 
and blessed.



The Perfect Day

Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 你 "陪" 我 做 家 務 😒
Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 你 地 呢 班 好 兄 弟 好 姊 妹 😘
Perfect ! 係 因 為 "珊" 盟 海 誓 不 分 離 😆

一 個 Perfect Day 就 係 咁 簡 單,咁 你 呢 ?

The Sea


Patience and sacrifice, is what they had to endure many times but time has just made their feelings for each other stronger. For six years, Cherri and Craig have looked upon the same ocean eagerly anticipating their next meeting yet dreading the moment they have to part again. But they managed to conquer these dark stormy seas and settled at a destination where they can be with each other lovingly and forever.